How to start?

1. Find and open a picture


Open your image by clicking "open image" button. If you don't have it ready yet, use one of the following services

to find an image you like. Don't forget to save it on your computer .

2. Adjust the image

Функция кадрирования

A few editing options like crop, brightness and contrast are available before image processing.

3 Enter the cross-stitch parameters

Параметры вышивки

Parameters to keep attention to:  canvas type (the number of cells per inch),  canvas size,  thread manufacturer and  maximum number of colors.

Canvas size is determined by the biggest side . If height is more than width and you set 10 inchs height, then the pattern will be generated with that height and width will be derived from initial image ratio. 

Number of colors of the generated cross-stitch pattern may be less than you set due to algorithm optimizations

Note: if the image has many details, setting canvas size and number of colors to bigger values would yield better results.

4. Edit the generated cross-stitch pattern

Элементы управления редактора

The Moulinella's editor provides:

  • cell's color changing
  • adding colors to  pattern palette
  • transforming pattern palette. For example, transforming a pattern generated using DMC colors to a pattern that uses other manufacturer's threads (Madeira, Anchor).

Keyboard shortcuts support:

  • "C" - the selecting color mode (pipet).
  • "Space" - the moving mode.

5. Print the cross-stitch pattern

Элементы управления редактора

The printing process includes three steps:

  • Once you press "Print" button, the application starts generating a PDF-file containing your work.
  • After file is generated you'll see a dialog box  asking you to save the file. Click "Save".
  • Open saved file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and print it.
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