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Woman with a pipe


This funny cross stitch pattern with a woman with a pipe is available for download right after purchase. Who doesn't want to be a "bad girl"? A cute cross stitch pattern of the woman portrait - "I may be a bad girl but a damn good woman". The stitching potential of this cross stitch pattern is endless: you can stitch it onto your tees, pillows, a marketbag or anywhere else! It is so easy to turn this modern subrversive cross stitch pattern into a fantastic gift! You can keep it for yourself or give it to somebody else, or better do both! We can add any quote you like to this woman portrait! Choose the option "Add My Quote" and send us what you want to be written. It goes perfectly with "the man with pipe"

Barbara C.
5.3 x 7 in.
Stitches count
Colors count
Total threads length
133 m.
Recommended base
Aida 14 cells/inch

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  • PDF pattern file for printing
  • Interactive pattern with the features below:
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    • viewing in the WEB, on iOS and Android devices,
    • saving the progress of stitching online.
  • Professional subscription for the web version of Moulinella for one year.
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